Urban Farming & Gardening

NEBHDCo is a low-income housing developer and owner, and we are fortunate to have multiple side and backyards within our properties. In 2012, we began using several of these spaces for food growing activities. We believe that while urban gardens may not be able to fulfill all of a communities’ food needs, our gardens can offer a place to gather, to build, and to grow a good amount of organic, fresh produce for our neighbors, thus increasing food security and community building in the area.

Golden Harvest Food Pantry Garden

Started in 2013, this garden is located behind our food pantry at 376 Throop Ave and grows food exclusively for our food pantry clients and our community programs. This 1000 square foot garden depends on the help of volunteers. Since 2013 we’ve created 10 raised beds, built a 3-bin composter (food scraps from the pantry and our kitchen all get turned right back into our soil!), and planted fig and peach trees. In the first two years alone we harvested over 1000 lbs. of produce.   The TurnUp Garden at Nicole’s Place A side yard to our residential building at 150 Tompkins Ave, the TurnUp garden houses both our youth teen internship program and our community garden. This 2500 square foot parcel was developed into a food garden in 2014, with over 1000 square feet of growing space including raised beds and boxes, trellises, pergolas, and a high-tunnel hoop house to extend our season. We also built a garden shed and a 3-bin composter. The teen program runs throughout the growing season and invites area youth to get paid to:
  • Educate themselves about food system and the food justice movement
  • Build valuable job skills to use in any sector
  • Learn and practice plant propagation methods
  • Cook healthy meals with vegetables from the garden
  • Use carpentry basics to build garden infrastructure
  • Appreciate the outdoors and natural spaces
This is a competitive program. Applications are available in the late winter for a spring program start date. The TurnUp Garden also has five raised boxes reserved for community members to grow their own food as well. Membership is open. For more info, contact Ashleigh Eubanks at aeubanks@nebhdco.org or 718-453-9490.   

Lucille Rose Manor Senior Residence Backyard Community Garden

A private community garden for the tenants of our senior residence building, Lucille Rose Manor, at 364 Vernon Avenue, the garden offers a space for residents to socialize, enjoy outdoor space, and grow their own food. Each year, NEBHDCo supports the gardeners with gardening workshops, plant material, and supplies.  Lucille Rose Manor is also a site for our senior cooking and nutrition workshops.