Opportunity Resource Center

NEBHDCo’s Opportunity Resource Center is located at 378 Throop Avenue, and serves as a hub for connections to local providers around employment, education and other services. The Center includes a small computer lab that is the site of our ACCESS NYC public benefits kiosk. ACCESS NYC provides eligibility screening and online applications for over 30 City, State and Federal health and human services benefits. This includes financial assistance, food assistance including SNAP applications and re-certifications, housing assistance including SCRIE and DRIE, early care and education, employment supports and more. To learn more and make an appointment, contact Lisa Everett at 718-453-9490.   Adult basic education classes are offered onsite by St. Nick’s Alliance. For more information call St. Nick’s at 718-302-2057 x221.   We also provide additional education and employment referrals to local agencies serving both adults and youth, including: St. Nick’s Alliance Workforce The HOPE Program Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation Henkels & McCoy NYC DOE District 79 Alternative Education Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow     The Center was developed with generous support from Carver Bank.