Executive & Senior Management Team

Jeffrey E. Dunston - Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Dunston has worked in the field of affordable housing and community development for 25 years.  Under his leadership at NEBHDCo, more than 2,093 units of affordable housing have been built, which represents $109 million dollars of capital investment to date.  The organization currently owns 1082 units in central Brooklyn. Since 2000 when he assumed the role of C.E.O, Mr. Dunston’s commitment to creating and providing affordable housing for New York City residents has  been his primary passion. During his tenure he has increased the organization’s housing portfolio three-fold, preserved distressed housing, and expanded the organization’s service footprint by working with private partners to create housing in the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island New York.

As Chair of the Housing and Physical Development Network of the Coalition for the Improvement of Bedford-Stuyvesant (CIBS) he led the effort to create a “Smart Growth Development Policy” on the community level. This has encouraged the reduction of Bed-Stuy’s carbon footprint and fostered “green” development in planned projects for the community.   As a board member of Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center, Mr. Dunston chairs the board’s Real Estate Committee; working closely with the CEO.  Currently the committee is exploring the reuse of underutilized buildings on the hospital campus to create affordable housing opportunities.

Mr. Dunston's dedication to community involvement  has led him to serve in various capacities as a Board member for several organizations including: ANHD/CHAMP, Bedford-Stuyvesant YMCA, American Civil Rights and Education Services (ACRES), Borough Development Group, Coalition for the Improvement of Bedford-Stuyvesant (CIBS), Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center, and Carver Community Development Corporation.

Mr. Dunston is a licensed real estate broker and a CPM candidate.  He is a graduate of Pratt Institute Center of Community and Environmental Development in City and Regional Planning and attended Parsons School of Design majoring in Fine Arts.   Mr. Dunston has received numerous awards and proclamations for his leadership in community development.

Nathaniel Montgomery - Chief Operating Officer

Nathaniel Montgomery serves as Chief Operating Officer at the Northeast Brooklyn Housing Development Corporation (NEBHDCo). As Chief Operating Officer at NEBHDCo, he is responsible for Fiscal, Economic Development, Community Programs, Human Resources, Asset & Property Management and Real Estate Development. Mr. Montgomery is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the entire organization. He is an experienced executive with an extensive background in management. He is well versed in real estate finance, construction management, and environmental issues. Mr. Montgomery’s primary focus at NEBHDCo is to identify real estate development opportunities throughout New York City that are consistent with the mission of the organization. He leads an experienced team of real estate professionals at NEBHDCo who are dedicated to preserving, constructing, managing, and owning residential and commercial properties in New York City.

Mr. Montgomery’s has secured over $100 million dollars in financing for both residential and commercial development projects. Over the years he has been tremendously successful in coordinating, negotiating, planning, constructing, and managing residential and commercial development projects. He has experience in developing special needs, low-moderate, middle, and market rate residential development projects. Mr. Montgomery is proficient in the use of bond financing, government subsidies, state and federal low income housing tax credits. Mr. Montgomery has held a number of professional positions throughout his real estate development career. He has served as Senior Vice President for the South Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation (SOBRO); Director of Real Estate Development for Brand New Day, Inc.; Director of Real Estate Development for VOCM; and Senior Project Manager for Isles, Inc. He holds certifications in Real Estate Development Finance and Economic Development Finance from the National Development Corporation (NDC). Mr. Montgomery holds a Master’s Degree in Urban and Regional Planning (MA) and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration (MPA). Mr. Montgomery is also a graduate of the National Urban Fellows leadership program.

Christie Alcid - Chief Financial Officer

Oversees all aspects NEBHDCo's Fiscal Department and responsible for preparing annual budgets, providing accounting services, monitoring the organization's cash flow, and managing the financial aspects of programmatic contracts.  Provides strategic recommendations to the senior management team based on financial analysis and projections, cost identification and allocation, and revenue/expense analysis.  Oversees budgeting, and the implementation of budgets, so as to monitor progress and present operational metrics both internally and externally.  Ensures that finance staff maintains financial record systems in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, and monitors the use of all funds.

Mr. Alcid has experience supervising and training staff and he has experience working with public and private organizations.  Mr. Alcid acquired a Master’s in Business Administration from Baruch College at CUNY and a Bachelor of Arts from Lehman College at CUNY graduating Magna Cum Laude.  He was also the recipient of a Lehman Foundation Scholarship and received honors from the Accounting and Economics Department Honors.  Mr. Alcid is proficient in a number of accounting software platforms.

Yoonie Cho - Director of Real Estate Development

Ms. Cho offers 20 years of combined experience in economic development and real estate development, as a facilitator in both the public and private non-profit sectors.  Prior to entering the real estate development field in 2006, she spent ten (10) years advocating for a better business climate for small and minority-owned businesses in New York City.  As the Director of Real Estate Development, Ms. Cho has re-financed three expiring tax credit projects by recapitalizing their assets and restructuring the debts.  The three projects represented 138 units renovated with $1.4MM of capital investment where affordability was preserved for the next 15 years.

She has authored a repositioning strategy for Park Monroe HDFC which included a comprehensive capital improvement plan to maximize the 267 unit properties’ energy efficiency, and restructuring of debts that would ensure a long-term positive cash flow has won a resounding support of the NYC HPD and has been approved for FY 2014 funding pipeline.  When completed, the project will add $35 million of capital investment to NEBHDCo’s portfolio and earn over $3.5 million in developer fee.

Ms. Cho has participated in the acquisition and repositioning of 619 Throop Avenue – NEBHDCo’s future new office!  The strategy utilized was to reposition its assets through a comprehensive capital improvement plan and a restructured tenancy mix.  When completed, the rehabilitation which is estimated at $5 million will not only improve the building’s infrastructure but also will mark a significant advancement for NEBHDCo by establishing a larger presence in the central Brooklyn community with a focus on mixed-use development in support of our affordable housing mission.

She advanced the Vann Court Mixed Use Development which created a new financing scheme that increases affordability while reducing the developer’s equity contribution.  The $36 million project will yield $1.7 million developer fee with a healthy cash flow to the project.

Ms. Cho brought the Van Sinderen Mixed Use Development opportunity to the organization.  The new-construction project combines 2 private lots and 1 city-owned lot to build a 6 story mixed-use structure with 84 units of affordable apartments and 15,000 square feet of retail.

Additionally, she brought a creative development partnership to the Vernon Avenue site through a design-build contract structure.  When completed, the 16-unit market rate project whose total development cost is estimated at $5 million will set a new bench mark for NEBHDCo’s small-scale development models by achieving efficient building systems, high-end amenities and in-home technologies at while maintaining affordability.

In addition to her Master’s Degree in real estate development from Columbia University, Ms. Cho holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations and French Literature from Boston University.

Doreen Davis - Director of Community Programs

Doreen Davis, LCSW, PhD, has functioned within the field of social work and social service provision for over thirty years.  As an undergraduate she attended SUNY at Old Westbury where she doubled majored in Psychology and Sociology.  Dr. Davis received her Master’s in Social Work degree from SUNY at Stony Brook and eventually her PhD in Social Work from Fordham University while a fellow of the Counsel on Social Work Education.  Dr. Davis area of expertise is services to families across the span of age.

Doreen Davis, LCSW, PhD, has functioned within the field of social work and social service provision for over thirty years.  As an undergraduate she attended SUNY at Old Westbury where she doubled majored in Psychology and Sociology.  Dr. Davis received her Master’s in Social Work degree from SUNY at Stony Brook and eventually her PhD in Social Work from Fordham University while a fellow of the Counsel on Social Work Education.  Dr. Davis area of expertise is services to families across the span of age.

Dr. Davis has worked in a variety of positions within the field of service provision and as she increased her skills and experience her span of responsibility within the field also increased.  Doreen started out as a direct care provider for developmentally delayed and handicapped adults.  She supervised the social service staff in Head Start, she ensured that all of the necessary case planning and management activities were performed and documented.  She became a case investigator and planner as a child protective worker at the Administration for Children Services (ACS).  At ACS she progressed up the ladder to supervision of case investigators, case managers and planners, she trained workers in the various areas of service provision as well as students working toward their Masters in Social Work.  Dr. Davis taught social service classes for eleven consecutive years at Hudson Valley Community College.  She has functioned as an independent consultant working with community based and not for profit organizations providing contract compliance reviews, program management, program development and staff training for people working within all levels of service provision in all areas, be it drug rehabilitation, mental health providers, child care workers, or non-profit board members.  She has presented at professional conferences for service providers and Social Workers both regionally and nationally.  Doreen has also function as a reviewer of request for funding proposal at the federal level and she is certified as a federal reviewer.