COVID-19 Statement from Management

March - 25 - 2020

A STATEMENT FROM MANAGEMENT Northeast Brooklyn Housing Development Corporation (NEBHDCO) is committed to assisting our Tenants and Community Program Clients to overcome these challenging times. The Coronavirus outbreak has forced all of us to make some significant lifestyle changes. In an effort to combat the spread of the Coronavirus and better serve our residents and clients, we have adopted new operating protocols for your safety and convenience. The new operating protocols for our Tenants and Community Program Clients are designed to ensure that our buildings are properly maintained and our community programs are accessible to our clients. NEBHDCO staff is following all federal, state, city and CDC recommendations to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Additional information can be found on the following websites: The preventative measures adopted by NEBHDCO are continuously being re-evaluated everyday to ensure that we are implementing the best practices to mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus. The physical health of our tenants is our primary concern. To that end, our maintenance staff has increased the frequency in which we sanitize and disinfect our buildings. NEBHDCO is dedicated to providing community programs to the residents of central Brooklyn. The Coronavirus pandemic has forced individuals and families to rethink how they access the necessary resources to maintain a reasonable quality of life. The NEBHDCO food pantry will continue to facilitate distributions at this time. Additional information to other food related resources can be found on the following websites: NEBHDCO understands that our Tenants and Community Program Clients will face some tough choices in the near future. The financial, social and emotional challenges that we are all faced with at this time will test our mental fortitude. Financially, many people will be forced out of the labor market for a variety of reasons. Socially, people will be forced to self-quarantine and live a more isolated existence. These drastic changes could potentially have an adverse emotional impact on us all. NEBHDCO is prepared to stand with the people of central Brooklyn through these difficult times. If you are a Tenant and/or Community Program Client with questions about rent payments, building services and/or community programs, please contact the main office at (718) 453-9490 or visit us at   Jeffrey Dunston Chief Executive Officer  

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