Culinary & Nutrition Knowledge – Sharing

    We believe that cooking is fun, and that eating whole foods made from scratch is good for our bodies, minds, and spirits. We also believe that Bed-Stuy residents hold a lot of knowledge of food traditions and that they are the best to lead our culinary education programs. These beliefs are at the core of Culinary and Nutrition Knowledge-Sharing programs.

Community Chef Training

Before we offered any courses, workshops, or demonstrations for the community, we took 18 community members through Just Food’s Community Chef Training. This 4-week program teaches participants how to facilitate workshops about local, seasonal eating and cooking; basic nutrition; fruit and vegetable identification; recipe selection and creation; knife skills; and food storage and preparation. As part of our focus on Good Food Jobs, we hire and pay our chefs well to cater events and to lead culinary courses, cooking demonstrations, and workshops. Our chefs are also available for hire by outside organizations. For more info, please Contact Culinary and Nutrition Education Coordinator, Karen Cherfils at   We expect to offer Community Chef Training in 2016. Get on our mailing list for updates!

Cooking Classes for Families and Adults

In our beautiful new demonstration kitchen at 376 Throop Avenue, we offer culinary courses for Families and Adults using the Family Cook Productions Curriculum.  The Cooking Time is Family Time course is a family strengthening tool where food is the ‘glue’ that bonds the family together over a common purpose of preparing a nurturing meal.  The Team Chef Challenge course has participants work in a team to “battle” with another team as they prepare delicious, multi-ethnic meals using fresh, healthful ingredients and sophisticated culinary techniques. In 2015, there will be a fall adult course and in 2016, we’ll have several courses offered seasonally.

Workshops for Seniors

Statistics show that the health needs of the elders in our community are not being adequately met. In Bed-Stuy, seniors are hospitalized because of heart disease nearly 30% more than seniors in the rest of the city; because of diabetes, more than 55% higher. Beyond health, many seniors in this neighborhood live below the poverty line: 30% compared to 22% for the borough as a whole[1]. While we can’t fix all of this, we can provide seniors with information they need to make the best decisions about what and how they eat. In 2014, we offered our first series of hands-on cooking and nutrition workshops tailored specifically to seniors, on easy meals they could make to help prevent or manage diet-related diseases. To download the handouts we made for each of these workshops, click the links here for Diabetes, Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure, and Arthritis.  In 2015, our second series focused on Good Fats and Bad Fats and Amping Up the Flavor without Sugar and Salt.
  Check our calendar for the latest offerings!