Community Gardens

NEBHDCo’s properties include 9 garden spaces, all developed more than 10-15 years ago as ornamental green space, much needed in the community.   In mid-2011 we began planning for a revitalization of our garden spaces, starting with two key gardens. In early 2012 we were awarded a NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Environmental Justice grant to renovate our gardens at 385 and 397 Kosciuszko Street, near our pantry at 376 Throop Avenue.   Kosciuszko Garden Learning Center is our flagship ornamental garden at 385 Kosciuszko Street. NEBHDCo originally developed this garden in the late 1990s from several formerly garbage-strewn vacant lots, with funding and resources from GrowNYC, the Trust for Public Land, the Enterprise Foundation and other supporters.  The 2012 renovation was designed and implemented by Alive Structures, a landscape design and biological conservation firm specializing in native plantings and green roofs.   Take a Tour of our 385 Kosciuszko Avenue 2012 Garden Rededication…   Kosciuszko Garden is available for private events. For more information contact Lisa Everett at or call 718-453-9490.  


Through our Communities for Healthy Food initiative we have also developed two other gardens on NEBHDCo-owned property into food growing projects for our community. One is right in the backyard of the pantry; the other is at 152 Tompkins Ave.


For information about gardening classes please contact Lisa Everett at leverett@nebhdco.or or call 718-453-9490.